Regenerative Agriculture

At Leckford Estate, we're committed to farming in harmony with nature. That's why we've embraced regenerative agriculture, a holistic approach to land management that prioritises soil health, biodiversity, and long-term sustainability.

Regenerative agriculture goes beyond simply producing food. It focuses on nurturing the land, fostering healthy ecosystems, and reversing the negative impacts of conventional farming practices. 

At Leckford Estate, we're actively implementing a range of regenerative practices across our farm. In the following sections, we'll delve deeper into how we're building healthy soil, utilising diverse crop rotations to maintain soil fertility and promote biodiversity and Integrating livestock into our land management practices. All whilst employing precision agriculture techniques to optimise resource use and minimise environmental impact.

Our approach to regenerative farming is based on 5 key principles. We're not just growing food – we're investing in a healthier planet for generations to come. 

Minimise Soil Disturbance
Minimise Soil Disturbance
Healthy soil retains water better, reduces erosion, and stores carbon.
Maximise Crop Diversity
Maximise Crop Diversity
Diverse plant life attracts beneficial insects and promotes a balanced ecosystem.
Keep Soil Covered
Keep Soil Covered
This not only helps to protect soil structure, it also helps to enhance soil health,
Maintain Living Root
Maintain Living Root
The presence of living roots helps to feed the microbial life within the soil
Integrate Livestock
Integrate Livestock
Animals graze vegetation naturally, fertilise the soil, and contribute to biodiversity.

Leckford, The Waitrose & Partners Farm

As The Waitrose & Partners Farm we are able to advise on producing and growing good quality food that customers will love to shop. We are exemplary farmers, working with other farms and our retailing colleagues, demonstrating good practice and insight into sustainable farming and food production.

We are one of the few LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) Demonstration Farms in the UK, demonstrating our commitment to practising and advocating for Integrated Farm Management principles.

farming at Leckford Estate


The Waitrose & Partners Farm is dedicated to cultivating and producing high-quality food. As a LEAF Demonstration Farm, we collaborate with LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) and proudly display the LEAF Marque, assuring our adherence to sustainable farming methods such as crop rotation, biodiversity promotion and soil health enhancement.

As the Waitrose Farm our ambition is to continue practising regenerative farming techniques that focus on topsoil regeneration, improving the water cycle as well as increasing carbon capture, biodiversity and resilience to climate change. In 2020 Waitrose launched its  commitment to make greenhouse gas emissions from its UK farm suppliers net zero by 2035.

Sustainable farming


At Waitrose, we are dedicated to a more sustainable future. As a part of the John Lewis Partnership, we are striving to reach net zero emissions in our operations by 2035. At Leckford Estate, we take pride in leading the charge towards this goal.

There’s still a lot to do to achieve this by 2035 but we are already making changes now.

Carbon Neutral


In order to support the Estate's Regenerative Agriculture and Biodiversity strategies and ambitions, it is essential to cultivate robust wildlife populations that can thrive in the habitats we manage on-site. By fostering mutually beneficial relationships within the estate’s ecosystem, we can showcase the benefits of farming practices that support wildlife and vice versa, emphasising a collaborative approach to nature.

in harmony with nature
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