5 Reasons Why Eating Local and Seasonal Food is Important

18 Nov 2021

We are champions of British farming and the environment at Leckford Estate, something that has been instilled in the very essence of who we are since our founding over 90 years ago.

As advocates for sustainable farming practices we were interested in producing sustainable, local food before it was a mainstream trend. With more and more people seeking local produce and other food items, we welcome visitors to the Longstock Park Farm Shop & Café which sells over 1,000 home-grown and local products from our partners.

For us, local food is so much more than what’s in style, it’s a way of life. Have you ever been curious about how big of an impact eating local food has on your health and the environment?

Here are our top 5 reasons why eating locally sourced food rocks:

1. Fresh foods have more nutrients – fruits and vegetables begin to lose nutrients as soon as they are picked. Locally grown produce means a shorter time between harvest and your table, making it less likely that the nutrient value has decreased. 

2. Local food has a less environmental impact – locally sourced food doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles by plane, train and automobile! With less of a carbon footprint, your locally sourced produce is more sustainable and creates a smaller environmental impact.

3. Supporting the local economy- money spent locally stays local. It also helps maintain farmland and green space in your community

4. Knowing where your food comes from – it’s important to understanding where the food you consume comes from. Locally produced food allows you to ask about farming practices and crop harvesting with the people who grew it! If you know where your food comes from and who grew it, you can learn more about your food and your community.

5. Seasonal produce tastes better – seasonal produce provides a more delicious and nutrient-dense product as fruits and vegetables that are seasonally grown avoid being ‘artificially ripened” after harvesting by being gassed with ethylene or calcium carbide. You can taste the difference between a freshly picked mushroom from yesterday and a mushroom picked last week, factory-washed, and sealed in plastics. Try and it and decide for yourself!

The Leckford Way…

Our team of over 150 Partners practice ‘The Waitrose Way’ - healthy living, fair treatment, treading lightly on the environment and championing British produce. We have a long-standing relationship with over 60 suppliers from the Hampshire area, directly contributing to supporting both the local and regional food economy, something we are passionate about. We are the Waitrose Farm, the only UK retailer owned farm. We encourage visitors to Longstock Park Farm Shop & Café to purchase locally grown food and to enjoy food from our seasonal menu at our charming Café.  We are open 7 days a week, see our hours here

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